Sunthinks SG3220/SGS3220 UV flatbed printer

Model: SG3220/SGS3220
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5/Gen5S
Working Size: 3200mm*2000mm
Packing Size:4850mm*2250mm*1700mm
Gross Weight:2000KG

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Sunthinks SG3220

Sunthinks SG3220 flatbed uv printer

These are other details for your referece:

1, Printer head: Ricoh Gen5 / Ricoh GH2220 / Ricoh GEN5S Printheads can optional (100% orignal new from Ricoh)


2, System: UMC system (the same as Ricoh themselves uv printer, to be top1 in China now)


3, Working size : 60*90cm, 75*90cm,110*150cm,150*130cm,250*130cm,200*300cm,320*200cm