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Epson New Inkjet Print head L1440, S3200 and F1440

Update: In Shanghai APPPEXPO 2019, Epson launches three types of micro piezo printhead, that is L1440 series, S3200 series and F1440 series. 

L series:

Epson L1440 series is one kind of industry-class inkjet print head with fast speed, high precision, durability, and persistence.

L1440-A1: For water-based ink.

L1440-U2: For UV ink.

F series

F1440-A1 For water-based and eco solvent ink.

S series

S3200-U1: For UV ink.

But as we know, the life span of Epson nozzles has been very short. In most cases, it can only be applied to civilian printers and assembly printers.。