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SinoCorrugated 2023 — See you in Shanghai in July.

Welcome to SinoCorrugated and thank you for choosing us.

SinoCorrugated 2023 is a grand event with more than 20 years of history leading the development trend of the global corrugated packaging industry. Through the integration of global resources, China Corrugated leads the carton industry, advocates efficient docking and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and shapes the future of sustainable development of the global carton industry. Relying on the 200,000+ global carton packaging industry database and in-depth cooperation with more than 200 domestic and foreign packaging industry media and associations, it is expected to attract more than 100,000 professional buyers in the corrugated industry with high purchasing power.


This time, Sunthinks will participate in the exhibition with a variety of hot-selling models. Prior to this, Sunthinks' Single Pass digital printing machine has sold more than 1,000 units worldwide, which is enough to show how much it is loved by customers all over the world. Sunthinks' SC series Single Pass digital printers are printing products that disrupt the industry. Because of it, manufacturers such as corrugated packaging bid farewell to the tedious, time-consuming and laborious printing process. SC series digital printers do not need to make a plate, just import pictures to print, even if you only print a corrugated box, it will be very simple.

SC series printers have multiple models to choose from, the smallest size is SC215, the medium size is SC300, SC430, SC600, SC645, SC860, SC900, and the large size is SC1075, SC1200, SC1290, SC1500, SC1505, SC1720. At the same time, we also support customization of larger-sized Single Pass digital printers.

If you have higher requirements for printing quality, we also have SE series of single-pass digital printers. This series of printing is equipped with Epson's I3200 print head, and Sunthinks has been officially authorized by Epson. Currently, we provide four models of SE series, SE330, SE528, SE792, SE1056. If you have larger size printing needs, we also support customized services.

EPSON喷头事业部日本负责人 - 副本.jpg

(The general manager of Sunthinks and the person in charge of Epson nozzle business department met at the Fespa exhibition in Germany.)