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Sunthinks shows off budget single-pass UV

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22 March 2024

Woods (R), with Sunthinks boss Yan Heping: "We have built a really good relationship"

Woods (R), with Sunthinks boss Yan Heping: "We have built a really good relationship"

Shenzen-based manufacturer Sunthinks has brought its flagship 50m/min single-pass 230mm UV printer for small signage and promotional material to Fespa.

Suitable for “anything traditionally printed on small scanning flatbeds” the Sunthinks SU230 – also available in 130mm and 315mm bed widths – allows for continuous belt-fed printing at high speeds, thanks to a reconfigurable array of 12 Epson S3200 U3 printheads.

Sunthinks’ display model is configured in double CMYK with four white channels.

The SU320 was first exhibited by Sunthinks at Fespa 2023, where a distribution contract for the UK and Ireland was snapped up by UK-based Axzyra. Axzyra are now offering the printer for around £165,000, or £180,000 with feeder and other necessaries.

Steve Woods, managing director at Axzyra, said: “[Sunthink] have taken a long time developing the inks and the curing right, so they can print at speed – and now it runs at 50 linear m/min.”

Now, 10 months later in Amsterdam, the SU320 has been updated to comply with European safety regulations and given redesigned cabinetry, and is ready to run off the shop floor.

Deposits have already been taken at Fespa 2024 for new installations, and one customer – the first to buy the engine in October 2023 – having ordered two more.

“I’ve been over to the [Sunthinks] factory, and have built a really good relationship with their people. Their support is really, really good, and almost 24/7,” Woods added, explaining that Axzyra keeps spare parts in stock and has trained engineers on hand to keep service smooth.

Reflecting on the event so far, he added: “We’re very happy with Fespa so far. Amsterdam does tend to attract a lot of people, because it’s fairly easy to get to – so we’ve had a lot more UK visitors than we did last year, in Munich.”