Sunthinks SGH7590 UV flatbed printer

Type : 7590 UV printer
Brand name : Sunthinks
Printhead : Ricoh GH2220 printhead
Condition : New
Application : All flatbed printing
Warranty : 1 Year
Printing size : 750*900mm
Packing Size : 2090mm*1790mm*1610mm
Gross weight : 600kg
Printing precision : 1440*1200dpi
Color : C/M/Y/K/W/V
Head clean : Automatic clearn system

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These are other details for your referece:

1, Printer head: Ricoh Gen5 / Ricoh GH2220 / Ricoh GEN5S Printheads can optional (100% orignal new from Ricoh)


2, System: UMC system (the same as Ricoh themselves uv printer, to be top1 in China now)


3, Working size : 60*60cm, 60*90cm,100*130cm(Only our company have),150*130cm,250*130cm,200*300cm


1,  All Steel-Frame Stucture  

better-structured frame made it highly stable and high-precision.
2,  Double Leadcrew for large format printer 

High speed mute imported screw,High-precision low noise, wear proof and precise positioning.

Double screw maintains the accuracy of large format printers.
3,  Double Rail guide

Employ Imported Linear guide,long life service,high stability, immensely decreases noise while

printer is printing, within 40dB while printing.
4,  White ink, color ink and varnish print simultaneously

Simultaneous printing for higher productivity. 

HARD, SOFT and NETURAL Ink optional,NEUTRAL LINK is compatible with HARD and FLEXIBLE materials

The ink is stable and can't block the print head
5,  The printhead can support high-intensity work in 24-hour work everyday

Ricoh Original INDUSTRIAL  printhead.