YUXUNDA 2020 New R & D And Production N95 / KN95 Mask Sealing Machine
Brand : Yuxunda
Model : YXD-N95MSM
Warranty : 1 year
Applicable industry : Mask production
Power type : Pneumatic + electric
Degree of automation : Automatic
Welding method : Ultrasoni
Working method : Automatic sealing welding/automatic 6 sations transposition
Welding time : 30-40pcs/min
Voltage : 220V
Dimension (L * W * H) : 820 * 800 * 1700mm
Weight : 180KG
Certification : CE / Fcc
YUXUNDA Wholesale New Listing Hot Sale Double Locations DTG Ptinter
Model: Double Locations DTG-4720
Printhead: Epson4720(i3200)
Working Size: 250mm*300mm *2 ; 350mm*400mm*2 ; 400mm*500mm*2
Machine Size:1590mm*1380mm*1280mm
Gross Weight:260KG
YUXUNDA Direct to Garment Printer DTG t-shirt printing machine
Model: DTG-4720
Printhead: Epson4720
Working Size: 250*300mm 350*400mm 400*500mm
Packing Size:1250*1500*860mm
Gross Weight:160KG
Sunthinks SGH7590 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH7590
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 750mm*900mm
Packing Size:2090mm*1790mm*1610mm
Gross Weight:600KG
Sunthinks SGH0609 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH0609
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 600mm*900mm
Packing Size:2050mm*1650mm*1610mm
Gross Weight:400KG
Sunthinks SGH1115 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH1115
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 1100mm*1500mm
Packing Size:2620mm*2250mm*1700mm
Gross Weight:750KG
Sunthinks SGH1513 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH1513
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 1500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:3030mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:1000KG
Sunthinks SGH2030 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH2030
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 2000mm*3000mm
Packing Size:3950mm*2260mm*1900mm
Gross Weight:1800KG
Sunthinks SGH2513 digital UV Flatbed Printer
Model: SGH2513
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 2500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:4050mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:1250KG