Sunthinks Customizable Model And Printhead 2513 DTF Printer Gen6 Printhead Transfer DTF Film Printer Digital Flatbed UV DTF Printer

Type : UV inkjet flatbed DTF A/B film printer
Brand Name : Sunthinks
Condition : New
Warranty : 1 Year
Print Dimension : 2500*1300mm
Ink Type : UV Ink
Application : Metal,plastic,glass,ceranic,stone,leather,silicone,crystal and so on
print head : Ricoh Gen6
Lamp : Double UV lamp with compression
Head clean:Automatic clearn system
size : 1.5*1.3m/2.5*1.3m/1.1.3m
printing precision : 2880*1440dpi,1400*1440dpi,1440*720dpi,720*720dpi720*360dpi

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How to use 2513 UV DTF printer?

Step 1. Tear off the release film of A transfer film.
Step 2. Put the glue side up to attach the ink.
Step 3. Print the pattern.
Step 4. Place the printed A transfer film on the laminating machine and cover it with the B transfer film to isolate water molecules and dust in the air.
Step 5. Cut out the desired pattern.
Step 6, tear off the cut pattern and keep the B film, because the pattern on the A film will be attached to the B film at this time.
Step 7. Put the B film on the proper position of the article, press to fit it completely, and then tear off the B film to complete.

Sunthinks SG6-2513 UV flatbed printer
Model type
SG6 2513-V06
Printing size
Print head
(RICOH)GEN5 , GEN5S ,GEN6,GH2220 optional (100% orignal new)
N0. of printheads
3~8 (Support customization)
Print color
Media thickness
Sustain weight
Printing resolution
360dpi * 300dpi ,720dpi * 300dpi ,720dpi * 600dpi , 720dpi * 900dpi
720dpi * 1200dpi ,720dpi * 1800dpi ,1016dpi * 900dpi ,1016dpi * 1200dpi
Lifting function
Intelligent ink tank lifting,electronic-automatic/manual operation intelligent induction to inspect and adjust height
File format
Ink system

Printing speed
Draft mode : up to 63m/h
Standard mode:up to 50m/h
Quality mode:up to 35m/h
High quality model:up to 25m/h
Power consumption
High speed USB transmission interface
Operation system
Operation condition
Temperatue 15℃-35℃
Reative humidity 20%-80%
Packing dimensions
Other requirements
Support customization

UV DTF Printing

UV Printing

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深思想官网.jpgEstablished in 2002. ShenZhen Yuxunda International Ltd is a specialized manufacturer which integrates development, production and marketing in the field of printer consumables and sublimation transfer machines.

In 2012, based on rich experiences, we established a new company-Shenzhen Sunthinks Technology Co., Ltd. was established. And invested a lot of money, established a factory at the same time, recruited a large number of professional technical personnel, professional research and development, production of uv flatbed printers, one-way printers and other industrial digital equipment. After years of intensive cultivation in the printing field, many patents have been obtained. Branches have been established in many cities in China and more than 20 agents have been recruited from around the world. At the same time, we also support OEM and ODM, so we are also a supplier of many large enterprises.

We persue innovationwhich devote to offer the whole high quality and efficiency printing solutions to meet different requests to satisfy each customer and help them get the best solution for printing needs!

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