DTG Printer
Yuxunda 2021 Digital Automatic DTG Pretreatment Machine For T-shirt Pr···
Name : DTG pretreatment machine
Number of Spray nozzle : 1 pcs
Nozzle Technology : High pressure Atomization Spay Technology
Control firmware system : PLC programming system
Transmission Type : Linear rail
Spray Flow : 10ml~ 100ml Adjustable
Spray path Width : 40cm
Spray path Lendth : Adjustable up to 50cm
Spray path Motion : Unidirection/ Bi-Direction
Liquid Channel : 3 type (Dark t shirt , light t shirt ,clean liquid)
YUXUNDA Direct to Garment Printer DTG t-shirt printing machine
Model: DTG-4720
Printhead: Epson4720
Working Size: 250*300mm 350*400mm 400*500mm
Packing Size:1250*1500*860mm
Gross Weight:160KG
YUXUNDA Wholesale New Listing Hot Sale Double Locations DTG Ptinter
Model: Double Locations DTG-4720
Printhead: Epson4720(i3200)
Working Size: 250mm*300mm *2 ; 350mm*400mm*2 ; 400mm*500mm*2
Machine Size:1590mm*1380mm*1280mm
Gross Weight:260KG