UV Printer
Sunthinks Brand UV Printer 110cm*600cm Inkjet Flatbed UV Printer Multi···
Product name : 1160 multi-function UV flatbe inkjet printer
Model : SGH 1160-V06
Brand name : Sunthinks
Feature : Increase in print height
Printing size : 1100*600mm
printing head : With Ricoh GEN6 printhead
Number of printheads : 3 - 8 printheads
Color : 8 Colors
Trading term : EXW
Printer type : Flatbed printer
Printing material : Trunk,carton, box,mobile phone case, bottle, thermos cup
Sunthinks 2021 One Pass Carton Printer Single Pass Packaging Printer
Product name : Single pass carton printer
Model : SC215/SC430/SC645/SC860/SC1075
Brand : Sunthinks
Warranty of core components : 1 Year
Product name : One pass carton printer/single pass package printer
Print material : Cartons,Packages
Printhead : H452 printhead
Quantity : max 5 pcs
Operating System : PLC
Print Speed : 30m/min
Printing Size : 1070mm
Max material thickness : 50mm
G5 2513 2 in 1 hybrid (roll-to-roll printer & flatbed printer) printer
A hybrid multifunction printer that can switch between roll-to-roll printing and flatbed printing.
It can be either a flatbed printer or a roll-to-roll printer.
Sunthinks SGH7590 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH7590
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 750mm*900mm
Packing Size:2090mm*1790mm*1610mm
Gross Weight:600KG
Sunthinks SGH0609 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH0609
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 600mm*900mm
Packing Size:2050mm*1650mm*1610mm
Gross Weight:400KG
Sunthinks SGH1115 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH1115
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 1100mm*1500mm
Packing Size:2620mm*2250mm*1700mm
Gross Weight:750KG
Sunthinks SGH1513 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH1513
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 1500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:3030mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:1000KG
Sunthinks SGH2030 UV flatbed printer
Model: SGH2030
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 2000mm*3000mm
Packing Size:3950mm*2260mm*1900mm
Gross Weight:1800KG
Sunthinks SGH2513 digital UV Flatbed Printer
Model: SGH2513
Printhead: Ricoh Gh2220
Working Size: 2500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:4050mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:1250KG