YUXUNDA Direct to Garment Printer DTG t-shirt printing machine

Model: DTG-4720
Printhead: Epson4720
Working Size: 250*300mm 350*400mm 400*500mm
Packing Size:1250*1500*860mm
Gross Weight:160KG

$ 6000~8900 USD

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DTG Printer


Printing dark clothes requires the use of white ink. The characteristics of white ink determine that if it is not suitable for a long time, it will cause sedimentation and block the nozzle, which will affect the printing. Yuxunda digital printing equipment is equipped with a white ink automatic circulation system to effectively prevent paint ink precipitation and reduce ink waste. Reduce operating costs and consistently maintain a constant ink concentration for a consistent output.

Infrared induction automatic lifting system

Yuxunda digital printing equipment is equipped with an infrared sensor, which can accurately measure whether the height of the printing platform exceeds the standard and automatically adjust the height of the printing platform to avoid accidents.

Multiple printing platforms

Yuxunda digital printing equipment comes standard with 3 kinds of printing platforms, which can meet the requirements of the required fabric size. The installation and replacement process of the platform is extremely simple, which greatly improves the work efficiency.