Ricoh G5 Series
G5 2513 2 in 1 hybrid (roll-to-roll printer & flatbed printer) printer
Type : Hybrid multifunction UV printer
Brand Name : Sunthinks
Condition : New
Warranty : 1 Year
Printing size : 2500*1300mm
Printhead : Ricoh G5/G6/GH2220 Printhead
Application : All flatbed printing and roll-to-roll printing
Lamp : Double UV lamp with compression
Head clean:Automatic clearn system
size : 1.5*1.3m/2.5*1.3m/1.1.3m
printing precision : 2880*1440dpi
Sunthinks SG1513 Flatbed Inkjet Printing Machine UV Printer
Model: SG1513
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5 /Ricoh Gen5s
Working Size: 1500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:3030mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:650KG
Sunthinks SG2513 Inkjet Printing UV flatbed printer
Model: SG2513/SGS2513
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5 / Ricoh Gen5s
Working Size: 2500mm*1300mm
Packing Size:4050mm*2250mm*1710mm
Gross Weight:1250KG
Sunthinks SG2030/SGS2030 UV flatbed printer
Model: SG2030/SGS2030
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5
Working Size: 2000mm*3000mm
Packing Size:3950mm*2260mm*1900mm
Gross Weight:1800KG
Sunthinks SG3220/SGS3220 UV flatbed printer
Model: SG3220/SGS3220
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5/Gen5S
Working Size: 3200mm*2000mm
Packing Size:4850mm*2250mm*1700mm
Gross Weight:2000KG